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6 Hiring Tips to Decrease Turnover

6 Hiring Tips to Decrease Turnover

 One of the biggest causes of turnover is related to bad hires. When you don’t hire the right person for the right role, they won’t stay for very long. And high turnover affects your bottom line and employee morale.

Have you found yourself with employees in the wrong position or a wrong fit for their role? Do you wonder if there is something wrong with your hiring process? Sudden vacancies, rapid growth, incompatible roles, and rushed hiring decisions can lead to a wrong hire. Finding the right people for the right job is not difficult, however, there are some common hiring mistakes:

  • The person does not have the right skills or is not willing to learn the required skills.

  • The employer lets unconscious biases affect the decision-making process.

  • The employee looks great on paper but is not in alignment with the mission of the company.

  • Companies drop potential candidates because they lack certain qualifications or expected backgrounds.

  • The employee may have all the right technical skills but cannot work on a team.

When employees are hired for the right position, the results show increased engagement. There is a positive sense of belonging, of being valued, and of being allowed to excel in meaningful work. The wrong fit can produce a negative outcome and cost the company dearly. It is therefore important to avoid this.

These tips will help you find the right people for the right job.

1. Have they shown commitment to their career?

Hiring a person who has a history of switching jobs frequently just to increase their salary, may lead to a waste of your company’s training and resources. Look out for a candidate who is committed to their career, one who has displayed loyalty to their previous employer and company. Check for a track record that will not be discordant with your company’s ethos. 

2. Do They Have Excellent Learning And Analytical Skills?

In a competitive market, it will not be difficult to find competing candidates with similar educational backgrounds and experience vying for the same job. You may also have to choose between people who display the same levels of confidence and authority. The trick lies in assessing their analytical skills and their ability to learn and adapt to new situations on the fly.

3. Are They Compatible With Your Company’s Culture?

Even the most qualified person will not perform optimally if they are out of their comfort zone. Each organization has its own workplace culture and styles of communication and interaction. Find out if your potential employee will fit into your company’s culture and has the social skills to blend in. If your new employee is also going to be the company’s interface with clients, ensure that they have the right personality for the job.

4. Is Your Job Description Accurate?

An accurate job description is a key factor in attracting the right candidate. If your requirements are inaccurate you may attract an unsuitable candidate. The skills, experience, and interests of your potential employee need to suit the requirements of the job. It is important to ask behavioral-based questions, check references and use data analysis techniques to hire the right person.

5. Are You Helping Your Existing Employees Advance?

Sometimes the right fit is staring you in the face and you don’t realize it. Even loyal employees will leave their jobs if they perceive that they lack career advancement opportunities. To avoid this, it is important to structure a career progression plan for your employees, so that training and promotions at the right time can help your employees advance within the company.

6. Do The Right Candidates Know That You Have An Opening?

You must promote and market the open position to attract the best candidates for the position. Ensure that you are connected to the right platforms and networks to advertise your requirements when they arise.

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