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About Accounovation

The Accounovation Story

As a consultant for a CPA firm in Dallas, our CEO Nauman Poonja encountered a client who had been in business for over three decades yet had little understanding of how his own accounting worked or which of his products were profitable. Even with a full-time Controller on staff, the client saw accounting as merely a necessary evil for meeting bank requirements and paying taxes, unaware that the right accountant could actually help his business grow.

Many business owners dread accounting, seeing it as a confusing and tedious requirement rather than a valuable tool for understanding where they are losing money or making money and where to invest more. But at Accounovation, we believe that accounting can be so much more. We strive to bridge the gap between CEOs and their accounting reports, providing timely insights that help them make informed decisions. Working with Accounovation is more than just getting your accounting done or getting financial statements - it's a partnership that helps CEOs and their accountants work together to make their businesses profitable.

Our Mission

Help our clients become profitable and stay profitable by being their go-to business partners and advisors. All while making accounting fun!

Nauman Poonja, our CEO, leads Accounovation to help clients achieve profitable results.

Tools We Use

Discover the tech tools powering our virtual accounting services at Accounovation.