About Us


The Accounovation Story

Our founder and CEO, Nauman Poonja, worked as a consultant for a national CPA firm in Dallas, Texas.  While working there, he started speaking with a client who had been in business for over 30 years. Nauman realized that the client did not understand how any of his accounting works or which of his products were profitable versus not.

The client had a full-time bookkeeper. He saw the role of his bookkeeper as a person he hired to just pay the bills and collect the money. To him, the only reason he did accounting was to meet bank requirements for financing and to pay taxes. He did not realize that having the right accountant, and the right relationship with his accountant, could actually help his business grow.

Most owners run away from accounting because it does not make sense to them. Just like the client in the story, they know it is a requirement. A distasteful but necessary part of owning your own business. But accounting is so much more. It can provide value to you as a business owner. It can teach you where you are losing money, and where you should invest more.

Many CEOs are getting their accounting reports 30 to 45 days after the month ends. By that time the information has no value to the CEO. It is just a piece of paper that they glance at to review a few key pieces of information such as their net income and operating cash flow.

At Accounovation, our goal is to fill this gap and help CEOs better understand the story their numbers tell. We know that the CEO and the accountant have to work together to make a business profitable. When you work with Accounovation, it is more than just outsourced bookkeeping. It is a partnership.

Our Mission

Help our clients become profitable and stay profitable by being their go-to business partners and advisors.  All while making accounting fun!

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